Nutrition For New Mum's & Mum's again


Nutrition For New Mum's & Mum's again

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A hassle free guide & recipes on how to thrive while keeping another alive!

  • New mum’s and busy parents are often in a stage of depletion - growing a human for 9 months, giving birth, breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, stress, the never ending to do list

  • Food is what keeps us alive, nutritious foods are what keep us healthy and feeling our best

  • It is even more important then with everything going on as new or parents again to get in good nutrition, but how do you do this when everything feels so overwhelming and time is of the essence?


I saw a gap that needed to be filled, too many mum’s & dad’s not finding the time or resources to nourish themselves through food. In this eBook you will find

  • tips & tricks on how to food prep in a timely manner, the most nutritious ways to make fast meals using packet foods (cause let’s be real these are easy so let me teach you how to do it nutritiously), recommended brands and grocery foods to make the best choices for your health and what to eat on the run (again, lets be honest this happens a lot with kids in the picture

  • Nutrient balanced meals, wholefood based, fad free & real food only, super easy with no rules attached. These are what you will notice about the recipes in this book

  • 20 recipes to keep you nourished

It’s everything I did and still do since becoming a mum and I believe it will guide you to eating nourishing foods when you feel like ain’t nobody got time for that!

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