Berry Jam For The Whole Fam!

There is nothing like the fruity taste of a jam spread to finish off your porridge, lather on your toast, mix in yoghurt or eat from the spoon to quench that after dinner sweet craving. The only downside is how much sugar is in those traditional jam jars you find at the supermarket, if I am honest it’s more sugar than fruit. Certainly not ideal to be having on the regular or feeding to our babies.

The solution…

This amazing homemade concoction! Completely sugar free, dairy free, plant based, wholefood filled and seriously easy to make, all you need is the THREE ingredients, a food processor and a jar to store it in.


500g strawberries/blueberries/mixed berries (single fruit or a combo either works well), fresh or frozen and thawed

1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice

1.5 tablespoons chia seeds


Blitz 250g of the berries in a small food processor until pureed. Mix in the lemon juice and chia seeds. Sit for 10 minutes to slightly set. Chop remaining 250g berries and roughly mash (you want it to be chunky & soft not mushy). Add this to the rest of the mixture and mix well. Pour into a jar to set in the fridge overnight.


  • by dolloping it on your morning porridge or overnight oats

  • spreading over toast with peanut butter

  • mixing it into unsweetened full fat Greek or coconut yoghurt

  • using as a pancake topping

  • filling buckwheat crepes

  • straight off the spoon