Wholefood Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse… Need I say more? Well I will cause this one is just too good not to talk about.

Natural sugars only, gluten free, dairy free, rich in beneficial fats, wholefood based, chocolate! All the things you love in a mousse that now loves you back.

This recipe is EPIC. I make it regulary for dessert, an afternoon snack and also makes for an excellent chocolate icing on cakes, brownies etc.

A recipe that truly showcases the amazing world of wholefood cooking!

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Berry Jam For The Whole Fam!

There is nothing like the fruity taste of a jam spread to finish off your porridge, lather on your toast, mix in yoghurt or eat from the spoon to quench that after dinner sweet craving. The only downside is how much sugar is in those traditional jam jars you find at the supermarket, if I am honest it’s more sugar than fruit. Certainly not ideal to be having on the regular or feeding to our babies.

The solution…

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Caramelised Onion & Rosemary Cauli rice + the wonders of dull coloured vegetables

Us nutritionists love to harp on about eating a rainbow array of fresh fruit and vegetables. For good reason, these brightly coloured foods are filled with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that help dampen inflammation, support the immune system and keep our bodies in healthy working order.

This time though, I have to put the spotlight on our white or ‘blander’ coloured vegetables. Think cauliflower, parsnip, potato, banana, turnip, swede, pears etc. Vegetables/fruits that lack the vibrancy of colour but not the nutrition! Seriously check it out…

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Sweet Potato Dal

What is not to love about this recipe. Easy to make, affordable ingredients, nutritionally balanced plant based protein rich meal (thanks to the addition of quinoa), immune supporting (spices, warming and fibre - see immune post here to find out more) bloody delicious and those following along on my infant nutrition education AMAZING way to get lentils into our babes.

I know this will become a staple midweek dinner (make in bulk for lunches and b/fast too) in your homes!

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How To Build A Balanced Smoothie + 4 Simple Recipes

If you are substituting your meals for smoothies please remember to have them balanced. Unfortunately I see a lot of well intended people start the day with a beautiful looking smoothie filled to the brim with fruit, maple syrup, more fruit and coconut water. This in the eyes of a nutritionists is a sugar fueled meal which will cause slumps in energy, mood swings, poor concentration, cravings and not keep you feeling full until lunch let alone mid morning (you may have experienced this?).

Smoothies are a great way to get good nutrition in, they are easy to make for people on the go and excellent when it’s stinking hot, however we need to ensure we are getting in all of the MACRO nutrients - protein, fats, complex carbs as we do in a knife & fork meal. So here is my guide on how to build a balanced smoothie and make it meal worthy as well as some delicious recipes to get you started!

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Whole banana bread cake

Care to do some interesting baking ? Try this one on for size!
I try to be very conscious about reducing waste (have you thought about doing it too? It’s important for a number of reasons)
We eat a lot of bananas & the peel just goes straight in the bin #wasteful I thought one day while making banana bread, why don’t I use the whole banana?!?! it was a big success & I feel very resourceful. It adds nutrition too so it’s a win win.

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Basic bean curry and six ways to use it!

Do you get to the middle of the week & severely lack motivation to cook dinner? You’ve been at work all day, you’re tired and the last thing you feel like doing is being a master chef, so you opt for take away or Jatz and cheese.

Did you know making even ONE extra meal base early in the week could completely avoid the above situation and instead increase your chances of having a home cooked, nutritious meal?

Every Sunday/Monday I make this basic bean curry. It’s a go to throughout the week when I feel time poor, uninspired and just plain I can’t be bothered. To say it makes a huge difference to have something so simple to make a balanced meal out of that tastes delicious is an understatement & and an absolute blessing when I open the fridge at the end of a long day.

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A holistic nutrition checklist towards emotional health

Emotional health in its essence is an umbrella term, it covers everything from clinical depression to our everyday feelings. Its serious stuff this emotional health business, children as young as 2 years of age are being prescribed anti-depressants and suicide is becoming scarily common. I can’t help but wonder in a country such as Australia where we have the freedom to do whatever we please and all the resources at our feet to do it, we are facing these sorts of issues?

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Boosting the immune system with food & lifestyle

I love the season changes – the way nature adopts to its new surroundings is really so fascinating! Us humans being a part of that nature will start to notice as the weather cools down the body wants to heat up and naturally we start to crave long sleeved skivvy’s, enclosed shoes and beautiful, warming comfort soups, stews and hot beverages.

A lot of the time we label winter as the ‘cold & flu season’. If you agree, you have stumbled across the right little blog post. Today I want to share with you how to prevent succumbing to this social norm by arming yourself with the right tools and information to strengthen your immune system to prevent illness and to learn to embrace the season of winter, because it is here where the real magic happens.

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Vanilla & Pear Cauliflower Porridge

Holy smokes you guys, I wish so bad that technology would allow you to get a spoon and do a taste test straight from the photo so you can experience the wonder that is cauliflower porridge!

Funny story how this came about actually, one of my good friends sent me a meme about how using cauliflower for everything is pretty much life and that it reminded her of me (lol). Well I started to ponder, quinoa flake porridge, brown rice flake porridge, OMG cauliflower rice porridge!

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