My baby foodie - Reuben <3

My baby foodie - Reuben <3

Baby Foodie - empowering parents to confidently feed their babies nutritious food

Introducing what I believe to be a one of a kind workshop series that helps put the theory of introducing solids into practice.

When I became a mum in September 2018 I noticed a lot of parents felt confused, frustrated and deflated about the whole process of starting food with their babies - lost among a sea of information.

This is what sparked my passion to empower parents to confidently feed their babies nutritious foods and Baby Foodie was born.

I want parents to enjoy this amazing journey as we teach our kids how to eat, what to eat and to be adventurous eaters. I believe this time in a child’s life is critical as it is setting up the foundations to life long eating habits so being able to be physically shown and supported throughout it will only result in positive things. I am passionate about food and health so come along with me…

Includes = 4 food demonstrations spread out over 4 weeks, private Facebook Baby Foodie group for troubleshooting & on going education and support, a copy of my eBook Nutrition for New Mum's & Mum's Again - a hassle free guide and recipes on how to thrive while keeping another alive, small class size for a more personalised experience as well as take home left overs

What will you learn = 4 easy, nutritious recipes to make for the whole family (from babies to adults), simple food hacks to make nutritious eating really quick, simple and affordable for the busy lifestyle of a parent, real life practice in preparing, making and feeding your babies, key food ingredients for infant nutrition.

Breakdown of each workshop

1.       Number one key food group for our babies - VEGETABLES. Learn what types of vegetables are out there, how to prepare and cook them. The different ways to feed them to our babies and use them in meals. RECIPE = Caramelised onion & Rosemary cauliflower rice.

2.       Gut health in our babies - why gelatin is a really cool addition to their diets. RECIPE fruit gummies.

3.       Why beans, legumes and lentils are a great food for our babies. RECIPE = Pumpkin & Turmeric Hummus. Includes ways to use it and feed to our babies.

4.       Supporting babies immune system using food. RECIPE = sweet potato dal. Includes ways to use it and feed to our babies

COST: Special introductory price $80 (usually $100)*

When: Every Monday from 19th Aug 2019 - Mon 9th September 2019 10:30am - 11:30am

Where: Embrace Life, 4a/4-8 Burke Cres North Lakes QLD 4509

Call 3491 6533 to book today!

*Prepayment is required on booking. No refunds if you are unable to make a class however you will still get ALL content and extra support. Spots are limited, it is recommended to secure your spot asap. If you miss out this time you can be put on a waiting list for future series.