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My name is Jessica Cheney and I have a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine.

Here's a bit about how I came to be - I love the human body and I love food - seriously I am that person who chooses to read a nutritional biochemistry text or recipe book in her spare time. What is the most coolest thing about these passions is that they are connected.

Our bodies function on the food we provide it!

Growing up these interests were separate, I would watch the latest episode of Greys Anatomy while eating the homemade cakes and cookies I baked with my mum. The connection really hit home for me after starting my own health journey, which was a light bulb moment.

With this first hand experience and my fundamental love for food and how the body works I had an extreme desire to explore this further and share it with everyone I could. So here I am today, a clinical nutritionist ready to guide you through your own journey.

My core beliefs and values as a nutritionist

I believe the body has the capacity to heal itself when we provide it the right environment to thrive and so getting to the underlying cause of disease manifestation is my ultimate goal so that health is truly sustained

Understanding the biochemistry of the human body is my road map. I go back to basics through looking at which systems and pathways on a biological and physiological level are imbalanced and treat accordingly

Supporting people as an individual and as a whole being - mind, body, spirit. The treatment you receive will not necessarily be the same as your next door neighbor

Research and evidence based practice. This means that supplementation and treatment recommended has come from lots of reading of clinical studies, research articles and journal literature so that I can ensure the best outcomes for you. This way of practice is what is deemed as science and evidence based, very similar to the medical profession, only nutritionists use nutrients

Balance and practicality of treatment is important. I will work with what you are willing to do, as I know we are all at different stages of our journey

What you eat and your relationship with this is the cornerstones to thriving in life

Mindset is a powerful healer and is something I would like to explore further down the track as a professional

Quality, practitioner only nutritional supplements are sometimes necessary when bringing the body back in balance. Specific nutrient therapy can significantly improve health whilst working alongside diet and lifestyle strategies

I believe in authentic and real experiences which is why my services will always be based around genuine care

So that's a little bit about me and what I do, I hope you enjoy the content here and it inspires you to lead your best life possible. Otherwise, If you want to take the journey to a thriving life, come and see me - it would be my absolute pleasure to guide you through the process!